ONE YEAR LATER – the conversation continues: Patriarchy in Activist Spaces II As we continue to grow from moments to movements: anti-imperial, anti-capitalist movements do not necessarily mean the politics of the participants are anti-sexist and anti-racist. How do we comfort each other and check each other in a community of activists united to bring […]


What I Mean By Self Sufficient by Dairanys Grullon Virgil    Due to a series of events in my life I wake up a morning crying. YES! Crying. This is not the first time that I wake up like this, but this is the first time I decide to publicly share my thoughts because I’m […]

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  GRC folks will be on the Rotunda of CCNY from 10am-5pm to #CarryThatWeight – will you join us? Bring a pillow, mattress or air mattress to show your support and stop by.

Stand up Speak out 10.27

Join us at this vital hearing on the state of campus sexual assault here in New York City. 

Do be sure to register for the 4th Annual Sisterhood Summit happening this Saturday! We’ll be presenting during the 1:30pm session. The event is nearly at capacity, get your tickets while you can! Here’s the registration link: http://sisterhoodsummit.blackgirlproject.org/ See you then!


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