What’s Next?

Dear Community –

Peace! Happy New Moon Blessings and (almost) First Day of Fall. πŸŒ‘πŸ We trust this message finds you well. As the last few hours of the Summer wind down, we wanted to say thank you to everyone who we’ve met along this past cycle, and share some updates.

First, we’re super grateful to be presenting at the Decolonize Birth Conference this Sunday conjured by Ancient Song Doula Services, alongside powerhouses like Ashe Birthing Services and Sacred Vibes Apothecary. We’ll also be hanging out the Trade/itions – Honoring African Spiritual Traditions event with the Caribbean Cultural Center on Saturday.

On the heels of a season filled to the brim with offerings, you may be asking, “when is the next circle?” The honest answer to that is for the first time in some time, we don’t know.

Somewhere between the corner of always wanting to respond to community and self evaluation, we as facilitators need to step back and check in with our intentions. To not only ensure that they are aligned with our goals, but to make sure that we have an articulated vision of said goals. So that we can be the best support network/space/community that we can be, and not half ass anything we do because of these capitalistic ideals of being “productive.”

earth forgive us
before we learn to apologize
see us whole

– adrienne maree brown

All of these contradictions in mind, we hope there will be at least one circle in the Fall. In times like this, particularly for Indigenous people and of the Black and Latinx Diasporas, it seems like the very Earth is purging itself. It’s preparing to shed and wipe away anything that no longer serves her, and this has tangible consequences for the people we love. We will continue to share information on how to support relief efforts for the Caribbean and Mexico in the weeks ahead.

As the SCC moves towards being 5 years old, we are planting a seed through sharing this message. We are also shedding ideas and perspectives that no longer serve us so that we can honor the fact that we are not the same group we were in 2012 so that we can make way for who we can be heading into 2018. We hope to have more information on process and how folks can be a part of this collective rebirth in the months ahead. If this journey sounds like something you’d want to be an active part of, let us know.

Until the next gathering, we love and appreciate every single one of you reading this.

the SCC