The following list of resources has not been updated since 2015. 

For Allies:

How to be a good LGBTQIA ally:


Organizations you should know about:

Ancient Song Doula Services:

ANSWER Coalition:

Audre Lorde Project:

BIG Talks Workshops :

Community Links:

Gender Resource Center Campaign at CCNY (Women’s Center):

International Studies Program at CCNY:

LGBT + Open Alliance at CCNY:

Morales Shakur Student and Community Center Coordinating Committee:

Project Envision:

Speak Up, Speak Out:

Students for Educational Rights CCNY:

Sylvia Rivera Law Project:

The Ya-Ya Network:

Healers you should know about: 

Casitas Crew; Creators of Healing/Learning Spaces in Casas or Casa-Like Settings

Jardana Peacock; Holistic Healing and Embodied Leadership for changemakers and movements:

Michelle Balandra, Circulos de Mujeres NYC;

Myrna Caban Lezcano; Herbalist/Yogi/Healing Artist: (website coming soon!)

Rosangel and Alex Perez, Owners of Botanikal Metaphysical Boutique and Host of Cafecito Break Podcast



One thought on “Resources

  1. Lily Johnson says:

    I work for the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute and I would love to get in touch with the sister circle collective team. We are one of the non profit organizations founded by Eileen Fisher for the sole focus of empowering and supporting young women and teaching young women leadership roles.

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