The following list of resources has not been updated since 2015. 

For Allies:

How to be a good LGBTQIA ally:


Organizations you should know about:

Ancient Song Doula Services:

ANSWER Coalition:

Audre Lorde Project:

BIG Talks Workshops :

Community Links:

Gender Resource Center Campaign at CCNY (Women’s Center):

International Studies Program at CCNY:

LGBT + Open Alliance at CCNY:

Morales Shakur Student and Community Center Coordinating Committee:

Project Envision:

Speak Up, Speak Out:

Students for Educational Rights CCNY:

Sylvia Rivera Law Project:

The Ya-Ya Network:

Healers you should know about: 

Casitas Crew; Creators of Healing/Learning Spaces in Casas or Casa-Like Settings

Jardana Peacock; Holistic Healing and Embodied Leadership for changemakers and movements:

Michelle Balandra, Circulos de Mujeres NYC;

Myrna Caban Lezcano; Herbalist/Yogi/Healing Artist: (website coming soon!)

Rosangel and Alex Perez, Owners of Botanikal Metaphysical Boutique and Host of Cafecito Break Podcast



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