Who we are 

The Sister Circle Collective was a transnational, feminist, grassroots community based in New York City. Founded in 2012 by women of color, we were invested in building a powerful community for our black and brown cis sisters, trans sisters, queer sisters and gender non-conforming people who together believe in the radical act of sisterhood.

We committed to reclaiming love and power within ourselves and each other, to create a culture of understanding, compassion, and resistance. Our work as a collective is sustained by a core group of folks and and active members.

What we do

We facilitated and created safe spaces where folks could come together and support one another on their own personal path of self-empowerment. By creating a support system the SCC fosters solidarity, leadership, and encouragement.






(Photo/Jerry Wong)

Political Education

Self Care

More Projects and events> 


Our Why

We believed in the strength and power of circular structures as a way to dismantle the boundaries of patriarchy and break away from the culture of silence.  Learn more about why we do what we do by checking out our Points of Unity.

Read our Points of Unity >

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