Cycles and Blessings

Peace Community,

We trust this note finds you well! It’s been some time since you’ve heard from us. As individuals, a lot of the core group has been developing and growing in amazing ways. We also name that you are growing and shifting too, and are grateful to bear witness to one another.

As some of y’all may know, the Sister Circle Collective had its first gathering on December 21, 2012. This day marks five years since that moment. Each year we’ve discovered and rediscovered our work and how it has taken varying forms, including and not limiting, herbalism workshops, farm days, writing workshops, venting sessions, celebrations, movement classes, cooking demos, protesting, political campaigns, and campus organizing.

Each time our work took on different forms, so did the the interests of the folks who steer this work. As folks have stepped up, others have stepped down and this level of knowing is one of the reasons you could argue how we’ve made it this far. Yet we’d be lying to you that process has not also been met with pain. That we did not met all the expectations that we had set for ourselves and each other, no matter how well intentioned. Or that were not harmful towards one another. All movement work is messy, no matter the outward appearance, because we are a reflection of the collective.

In sharing these reflections with you, we want to emphasize that there is a need for the collective to stay true to one image in particular – the Phoenix. A symbol of creative energy and beauty, the Phoenix is also a symbol of the power of death and rebirth. At this stage of the game, we are naming that this is a time for the Sister Circle Collective to be reborn. We also name that we invite you all to be a part of that structured process with us.

Creating that structure, including how to accurately foster leadership development so that the collective is sustainable, is our primary focus in 2018. Hosting simple, monthly circles in a community space or home will be our secondary goal. You may catch members throwing down in conferences or events on their own though, and we hope that you’ll share events with this community as well! We’re happy to share out information to this network and support in as many forms as possible.

In the teachings of Octavia Butler, if we are truly to move from a place of understanding that honors God as change, then the SCC is blessed to have changed as much as it has. It will continue to change and grow, but with the guided practice of staying true to our origins. No matter how you’ve shown up in this collective, please known that you are seen, you are loved, and you are appreciated.

New Moon and New Years Blessings,
the SCC

What’s Next?

Dear Community –

Peace! Happy New Moon Blessings and (almost) First Day of Fall. 🌑🍁 We trust this message finds you well. As the last few hours of the Summer wind down, we wanted to say thank you to everyone who we’ve met along this past cycle, and share some updates.

First, we’re super grateful to be presenting at the Decolonize Birth Conference this Sunday conjured by Ancient Song Doula Services, alongside powerhouses like Ashe Birthing Services and Sacred Vibes Apothecary. We’ll also be hanging out the Trade/itions – Honoring African Spiritual Traditions event with the Caribbean Cultural Center on Saturday.

On the heels of a season filled to the brim with offerings, you may be asking, “when is the next circle?” The honest answer to that is for the first time in some time, we don’t know.

Somewhere between the corner of always wanting to respond to community and self evaluation, we as facilitators need to step back and check in with our intentions. To not only ensure that they are aligned with our goals, but to make sure that we have an articulated vision of said goals. So that we can be the best support network/space/community that we can be, and not half ass anything we do because of these capitalistic ideals of being “productive.”

earth forgive us
before we learn to apologize
see us whole

– adrienne maree brown

All of these contradictions in mind, we hope there will be at least one circle in the Fall. In times like this, particularly for Indigenous people and of the Black and Latinx Diasporas, it seems like the very Earth is purging itself. It’s preparing to shed and wipe away anything that no longer serves her, and this has tangible consequences for the people we love. We will continue to share information on how to support relief efforts for the Caribbean and Mexico in the weeks ahead.

As the SCC moves towards being 5 years old, we are planting a seed through sharing this message. We are also shedding ideas and perspectives that no longer serve us so that we can honor the fact that we are not the same group we were in 2012 so that we can make way for who we can be heading into 2018. We hope to have more information on process and how folks can be a part of this collective rebirth in the months ahead. If this journey sounds like something you’d want to be an active part of, let us know.

Until the next gathering, we love and appreciate every single one of you reading this.

the SCC


Decolonizing Birth Conference 2017

Decolonizing birth CONFERENCE  

On the weekend of September 23rd-24th, Ancient Song Doula Services will be holding its 2nd annual Decolonizing Birth Conference called “Addressing Systematic Trauma & Oppression Through a Collaborative Care Framework” where we will be examining methods for change in reproductive health, opening a dialogue to discuss the effects of systematic oppression and reproductive health choices, while also providing a space for community based organizations to network and build on resources and methods for advocacy.

*We’ll be presenting Resilience as a Preexisting Condition: Healing in Community on Sunday! Learn more and view the whole schedule here. We are deeply grateful to be returning to this conference after presenting a workshop and facilitating a closing circle in the 2016. Thank you to the team at Ancient Song Doula Services for making this possible!

July Menu

Hey y’all! We have an amazing line up of events for you this July. For more details, check out our Facebook events tab for more details on how you can be connected.  We look forward to seeing you!

Sisterhood Summit 6

Community! We’re coming back to the Sisterhood Summit! We’re super grateful to The Black Girl Project for holding down the space and for allowing us to be a part of the amazing day of offerings. Check out our workshop description below and be sure to get your donation-based tickets for the summit here!

Resilience is a Pre-Existing Condition: Healing in Community

Join the Sister Circle Collective for a healing cypher that will center the ways in which Black and femmes of color have not only resisted over time – but have thrived. At all times, but especially during the era of president #45, it is vital that we practice and share our healing strategies and modalities. It is one thing to be bombarded by the news of the latest policy set back, or harmful and racist policy impacting our people – but in the words of Assata Shakur – we must continue to love and protect each other. In this session, we will share and discuss how to integrate grounding rituals such as meditation, music, journaling, medicine making, light yoga, and other rituals into our everyday practice. Cocreators will conjure their own herbal spray or oil potion to remind them that in order to continue to show up for others, we have to show up to honor and defend ourselves. Our resiliency is not only required, but a pre-existing condition that people of the Diasporas have always utilized.

Rituals of Resistance – Sunday May 7th

Join us for Rituals of Resistance!

When: Sunday, May 7th from 12-3pm
Where:  Prospect Park – Great Lawn, Brooklyn

A community cypher on indigenous and ancestral forms of resistance.

The cypher will honor warrior women of Sacred Stone Camp, who will share traditions that ground them in the Mni Wiconi movement. Other offerings include how to use practical magic and creation as a form of resistance. Be a part of the conversation on Facebook for live updates!

Vibras NYC: powHER!

Peace fam! Please come through next week for a special edition of Vibras: NYC featuring an amazing line of creatives, artists, healers and more! We can’t wait to see you! xoxo the SCC

Vibras NYC is back in Brooklyn (for good!) & we’re bringing you a bada$$, fiery edition of powHER! On this night, we celebrate all of the women/womyn/trans/female-identifying warrior spirits in our lives, in our history & in ourselves! We will be raising funds for the warrior sisters out in Standing Rock (Nasha Paola + C.F. Garden). So…grab your amigxs, siblings, lovers, supportive men & join us for a powerful night!

Get your tickets here! 
Hosted by Loca Vibes Radio!!
Door Reina: Michelle Herrera
Music by DJ BEMBONA & Reddaughter
Performance by Zuzuka Poderosa
Photos & Video by Melanie Gonzalez
Visuals by Fefi of La Liga Zine, Bembona & Jihan
DIY Magia Station by Sister Circle Collective
Art by Ailyn Robles (@feministeando)
Live Art Installation by Dada Coz