Decolonizing Birth Conference 2017

Decolonizing birth CONFERENCE  

On the weekend of September 23rd-24th, Ancient Song Doula Services will be holding its 2nd annual Decolonizing Birth Conference called “Addressing Systematic Trauma & Oppression Through a Collaborative Care Framework” where we will be examining methods for change in reproductive health, opening a dialogue to discuss the effects of systematic oppression and reproductive health choices, while also providing a space for community based organizations to network and build on resources and methods for advocacy.

*We’ll be presenting Resilience as a Preexisting Condition: Healing in Community on Sunday! Learn more and view the whole schedule here. We are deeply grateful to be returning to this conference after presenting a workshop and facilitating a closing circle in the 2016. Thank you to the team at Ancient Song Doula Services for making this possible!

CALL TO ACTION: 11/17 Demonstration to Save Community Gardens on HPD Sites

Peace community–

At the beginning of the year the city announced 17 community gardens across NYC will be seized to develop new “affordable” housing. We are sharing this call to action in solidarity with community gardens on Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) sites that are under the threat of being shut down.

We will be demonstrating outside of the 6th annual Brooklyn Real Estate Conference hosted at the Brooklyn Museum. We cannot ignore how gentrification is also tied to the displacement and seizure of community operated green spaces.

This is an important issue to the work we do as a collective. In our  “Healing Wisdom of Herbs” workshop, we discussed the importance of supporting and preserving community controlled green spaces as a vital resource for generating communal healing.

We hope you all can join, if not, please share with your networks.


Here is more information posted on the NYC Community Garden Coalition page:

Tuesday, 11/17: Action to save gardens on HPD land

Call to Action by NYCCGC released on NOVEMBER 14, 2015

Join us and gardens on HPD land to protest the 6th Annual Brooklyn Real Estate Summit at the Brooklyn Museum, organized by the Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN). Land grabs by real estate developers are causing widespread displacement, particularly of people of color, across the borough. With this onslaught of gentrification includes the threat of all community gardens, particularly those on HPD land. Join us to protest this summit and save community gardens!

WHEN: 11/17, 11:30am
WHERE: Brooklyn Museum

Please let us know if you can attend by contacting us at!

Much love,
the SCC

4th Annual Sisterhood Summit

We’re humbled to announce our participation in the 4th Annual Sisterhood Summit presented by the Black Girl Project!

This year’s theme is: Treat Yo’ Self: Healthy, Whole and Free Black Girls! 

We’ll be facilitating a workshop entitled: “Redefining Our Relationship With Food,” as means to have a circle discussion on how what we eat is linked to self care.

The summit will be held on Saturday, October 25th from 10am-5pm. You have to register in our to attend and can do so here!




Here’s some background information on the summit:

“A program of The Black Girl Project, the Sisterhood Summit began in 2011 as a way give young women and girls from across Brooklyn, the opportunity to come together in a nurturing atmosphere to explore issues that are important to them.

You can find the theme for the 2014 Summit over here!

The Summit is also an opportunity for peers to interact with one another in ways which are not normally afforded to them—a space where they can question, interrogate and explore ideals that they may not be exposed to in everyday life.

It’s also a space where they can network, receive pertinent information, and build critical and analytical skills.

In keeping with our mission, the summit is a space that helps inspire dialogue and empower attendees.”

Upcoming Events @ BAM

Saturday September 13; 2pm
Stories from incarcerated persons, their families, advocates, and journalists about the history of abuse and mistreatment at New York’s most infamous prison, and how it symbolizes an excessively punitive correctional system
Saturday September 20; 2pm
An afternoon of conversation and spoken word from formerly incarcerated women impacted by the intersection of mass incarceration and reproductive health issues. A collaboration with Toshi Reagon’s Word, Rock, and Sword: A Festival Exploration of Women’s Lives.
Saturday October 18, 2pm
The first panel, “Body Rock: The Politics of Black Female Identity on ‘Stage’,” examines the ways that the black female body is both desired and disdained in public space, whether on the stage, in the digital sphere, or on the street
Saturday November 8; 2pm
The second panel, “Mythologies of the Diva: Reexamining the Image of Black Women in Pop Culture” investigates the archetype of the diva and how it’s expressed in pop culture. You’re invited to participate in an informal conversation examining, criticizing, and reinventing a narrative around your own ideas of the diva as it relates to black female identity.
Saturday November 15, 2pm
The third panel, “Beyond Binaries and Boxes: Deconstructing and Re-envisioning Black Feminism(s),” asks you to reframe and reenvision black feminism(s) to include creativity, abundance, and collective liberation in the twenty-first century.

Cultivation Reflections

Dear Sisters,Thank you to everyone who made it out to our Cultivation: July Circle at the Bushwick Campus Farm in Brooklyn. A big shoutout to our sister Glenda and EcoStation:NY for granting us access to that beautiful space. We want to share a summary of the event in this e-mail. Soon, we will be sharing resources on our blog on self care that may be of interest to you and will send you an update when we do. If you did not make it, we hope that this e-mail will provide you with major points of the event and hope you can make our next circle!The aim of Cultivation: July Circle was to create a space for us to share and learn tools about self-care/communal care through food as medicine.We focused our discussion on ways to decolonize our diets, a practice that entails recognizing ancestral knowledge about growing food and nourishing our bodies and minds.For us, “decolonize your diet” means many things – one of those being the ability to take control of your own eating. It means uncovering the knowledge about foods that our ancestors ate and unpacking the reason why they are no longer available for us to eat. Decolonizing our diet requires recognizing that colonization and capitalism have destroyed our ability to collectively sustain ourselves, through displacement and systemic violence. Therefore, through the process of decolonizing our diet we are not only addressing access to nourishing foods but challenging a history of oppression and marginalization that still manifests itself today. We wanted to share the many ways to “decolonize your diet,” through personal reflections and story telling since not everyone has to make the same choices.

After our lively discussion, we went on an herbal identification tour to learn about different plants and their medicinal benefits available at the farm. Seeing how a whole “medicine cabinet” of herbs can flourish in Brooklyn solidified the possibility of taking care of our bodies and each other outside of the institutionalized healthcare system. We came back full circle with a discussion on self-care. Again, the resources we used for this discussion will be on here 0n website soon. The resources will include a packet on self-care that shares the importance of circles, a guide to self-empowerment and what support means, and a self care check list. We hope you gain as much as we have from this packet!

So this was what our circle was about! We hope you enjoy the email and we welcome you at our next one! If you have any questions or would like to be more involved, e-mail us at:

Cultivation: July Circle

scc july circle

the Sister Circle Collective presents: Summer Circle Series


The Sun is shining and the weather is sweet. Yet not everything that comes with the Summer is ideal.

With street harassment and warmer temperatures on the rise, the mass shootings on California campuses, and other manifestations of heteronormative patriarchy we encounter – We believe it is vital to come together and cultivate ourselves.

Through light activities and learning hands-on-ways to decolonize our diets at a farm, Cultivation will leave all of us with tools to continue to grow as people but as a movement – through planting seeds and making connections with one another.

When: Saturday July 12th beginning at 4:30pm
Where: Bushwick Campus Farm

*RSVP by July 10th at we need an accurate head count for the activities.