Maria Carmen Del Wordsworth: the Science of Freedom 


“ This morning I ate a wheat thin, it tasted like heroine, and I liked it”. I heard this at an NA meeting once, and to me freedom is a lot like that. Freedom is what we swallow and like a trip, it takes us to other worlds makes us feel warm inside, the deepest warmth and then it fades. It may come back in increments, but only as a memory, in the form of a paycheck, a gun or a diploma. We are free in increments, in stages, and like animals we are conditioned to go from one cage to another.  People are not free; there are only spaces that are free, liberated spaces and liberated minds.


We are Only puddles,


So desperately to Frame that electromagnetic segment,


Which we can organize, recognize, and accept as behaVior

We wOrk ouR ..whole liveS in hOpes that alcheMy will turn us intO indium,

You-Seeing… Too

You-sing, Using…

Our Bonds,

Our Molecules,

Our Oxygen Molecules…

You sing our waves,

To amPlify Our chances, of showing you the DisaccharidEs,



You seeing, will climb upon the nucleotides

CliMb upon bOndS… not theorieS

Power over the mind and the body of others, is taken by force, measured in development and funded by morality. Power and deviance perpetuated on indigenous peoples can only be instructed in the name of ownership for the dominant group upon those who are lesser, or those who are other. It is that inherent in othering that we can deduce a civilization, a people, or an individual in order to create an “objective idea” of a cultural labeled as freedom. This country was built on the idea that in order to prosper we must dehumanize, we must slaughter, control and above all we must have more. Why? Manifest destiny, defined as, the god given right of settlers to expand across the United States, killing all Caliban, taking their homes, sterilizing their women, assimilating their children. It was not only their right, it was their destiny, it was ours.

If no one may give me freedom as it is not given, I may never be free. If freedom is granted then those who grant have kept us incarcerated, or seek to incarcerate us in their freedom. If we are already mentally incarcerated then physically our bodies may act free, wrapped in freedom fabrics, buy one get one. Fabrics that weave our freedom through fingers measured in performance. Freedom measured in finances, in cells, in units, in paper that will never liberate our minds; instead it will only bring us closer to incarcerating others, with our freedom. Some will take their money to their grave as if they deserve to be buried in riches like the ancient Egyptians. Class struggle will be threaded in and out of consciences according to when and where we must perform. If we survive or if we are forgotten in the social conditioning made to make our brothers and sisters forget that our history is their present condition. The truth will set you free.


As, you, rEcognize “tRuth”…

You will find That four Us… tHere Is no formula

The Judges who tell you there is are liArs…

They cannot calculate the molAritY of ignorance

They will rank yoÙ by weight, Divide,

How positive or negAtive your theoretical make-up sanctioNs you tO be,

Your abilitieS…. to take or give,

What they predict your shell will look like,

Once mixed with the elemeNts the wOrld…

There is no Clark structurE …that will represent yOu.

They will not teach you VIDa,

what makEs-up the nucleuS

Don’t givE in…

They will only tell you its Not yoUrs

They, will not tEach you that the atomS That you shaRe

with your primAs, tiaS… and abues is stronger than the Grave atom, bomb

Yet they wIll put us on a table, and hang Me, us, on their wAllS….


Our generation has been robed of the neurotransmitter known as resistance. Where the synapse of change has been fooled to carry the message that this world has been made for us, and by us. Men and women are to know their place in society, as those in power are to dictate which acts are to be expected and which are to be terrorists.  These sanctioned few are seen as the model of what is accepted. The citizen is to be submissive to those in authority and weary of those who do not follow the path they are fed. In many powerful groups though out history, morality has been the ammunition, which keeps order, such as the Athenians, the Catholics, the WASPS and those granted the American freedom. Freedom is the greatest of all prophecies, to those who are indoctrinated to be fearful. This passage is connected with a moral definition of torture, created by those who seek power.

They cannot comprehend the given solutE… of dreams in the solution of our, mothers

They will never know the P.H of Knowledge cannot be meAsured with litmus

They will put forwarD that the magnetic flow of be-cOming is thRough these channels

Yet the colmado dOes not sell litmus…

As the P.H of knowledge is not measured in el rio de Cotuí

Our CoMadres prisms of hope are not nourished by basic Human need

Where 2 hydrogen, meet one oxygen at 7, to eat at a resort

At the corner of P.oetry and H.elp






Teacher…. Chemist

We are only puddLes.

By: Natalie PeñA


Freedom and Justice for all, acting as two adversary forces, the former acting in ignorance and the later in virtue, to cook the freedom we swallow.

“ It is our duty to fight for our freedoms. It our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.”- Assata Shakur