Dear Sister Soul: Meet Jamie McGhee

Jamie is a poet, novelist, and a screenwriter. In October 2014, Jamie published her poetry novel, Don’t Date a Writerand has managed to garner a following of over 6,500 subscribers on her poetry blog. Her work has been featured in several literary magazines under the pseudonym Maj Alyasa. She has also produced content alongside renowned creators, such as Issa Rae of the Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl. Now, she is in the process of creating and developing her own web-series.

Read our interview below in which Jamie shares her personal thoughts on life, success, race, and womanhood as a young woman of color creative:

How would you define yourself and your place in this world?

I define myself as a writer. I think my place in this world is to influence public ideology and public thought with my words. That’s all I want to do.

How has your experience as a woman of color…

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