Kundalini Yoga with Griselda!

Peace community–

We hope this message finds you well! We wanted to be sure to invite you all to come through to Kundalini Yoga taught by our sister-goddess-Earth Mama Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon!

When: Mondays and Wednesdays starting June 1st at 6pm
Where: LES Dance Academy 62 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002
Exchange: $10
*please try to wear white/light colors and bring something to cover your head.
Sessions are open to all genders.

About Griselda:
A native of Brooklyn, New York, with roots in the Dominican heritage, Griselda Rodriguez grew up in what are often considered impoverished communities. Those communities and her mother’s efforts are what she attributes to having overcome adversity and persisted in achieving her goals of attaining a PhD. Currently a Professor of Sociology at the City College of New York, Griselda balances her time between teaching the youth, practicing Kundalini yoga and assisting women during labor as a doula. Mother to a beautiful baby boy Talib, she is grateful to be a vessel of healing.”

Asides from her bio, we encourage you to get to know better Griselda through her recent reflection on the Aquarian Age here.

We’re honored to support someone who has given so much to our community. Please spread the word and we hope to see you during one of these sessions! We’ll be in touch with more healing offerings and circles soon!

Much love,
the SCC



My Self Care Sunday Routine —

Blogging is hard. I’ve thought a lot about what I wanted my first words back on the blog to be and Blogging is hard seems appropriate. In the past few months my life has changed so much. I am now working full time in the healthcare field and continuing to work on the magazine during […]

via My Self Care Sunday Routine —

Love and Empowerment Between Sisters – Cafecito Break

Check out our core sisters Yexenia and Lanai on Cafecito Break!


The Cafecito Break Podcast – Conversations that feed the soul, inspire, and empower with Rosangel Perez and Ruthie Guten. Grab a cup a coffee and join them live every Monday Morning at 11am EST on http://www.blogtalkradio/cafecitobreak. Produced by The Perez Sisters NYC.


Lanai Daniels is a community organizer, and advocate for Black and Brown women, girls, queer women, and transwomen. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York City, she seeks to amplify the voices of marginalized women and girls in conversations about race, gender, sexuality, and class. Aside from her role as Core Sister of Sister Circle Collective, Lanai is an organizer for Yeah, That’s What She Said and a Board Member of New York Abortion Access Fund.

Yexenia Vanegas is a Colombian American woman who is interested in gender, food and different forms of healing. Through personal and academic experiences, she has come to regard food as a prism through which we can examine many facets of current socio, economic, environmental and political issues. Yexenia is seeking to gain knowledge about traditional forms of healing and medicine as well as food in order decolonize many facets of our present world. She believes that building sisterhood through circle discussions is one way for these transformations and understandings to arise. In creating a circle a safe space is manifested which leads to fruitful and transformative discussion about ourselves and our society.

Sister Circle Collective is a transnational, feminist, grassroots community based in New York City. Founded in 2012 by women of color, we are invested in building a powerful community for our black and brown cis sisters, trans sisters, queer sisters and gender non-conforming people who together believe in the radical act of sisterhood. We are committed to reclaiming love and power within ourselves and each other, to create a culture of understanding, compassion, and resistance. Our work as a collective is sustained by a core group of sisters and and active members.


Herstory Month 2016

Peace Community!

We’re excited to share that we’ve teamed up with The Womanist Working Collective to celebrate Women’s #Herstory Month.

Based in Philadelphia, the Womanist Working Collective focuses on the collective progression and empowerment of women of African-descent from a Black Feminist and Womanist praxis. They also integrate community organizing, strategic philanthropic-endeavors and intentional self-care practices.

Be on the look out for informative and inspirational articles, pictures, quotes, music, art and more we can celebrate the strengths and beauty of all women over the next month. Join the conversation by following the hashtags #SisterCircleCollective and #WomanistWorkingCollective!

Soul Food – #SCCTurns3 Menu



(sliding scale)


Salad with greens from farm, carrots, beets

Dressings – garlic, salt, pepper, honey, apple cider vinegar, lemon

Main Dish

Quinoa/Brown rice bowls

Brown rice

Butternut Squash

Black beans


Pico de gallo

Salsa verde


Sold separately: Empanadas: Colombian style – sweet potatoes and black beans, or  traditional with potatoes and hogao (or sofrito)


Vegan pumpkin cupcakes with vegan cream cheese frosting

Homemade flan 



Apple cider

#SCCTurns3 Line Up

Peace community–

We’re so excited to share a preview of the soul food and magic lined up for #SCCTurns3!

Honey Moon Parlor

(eco-friendly bath and body products)

Lupita’s Creations

(jewelry to fund domestic violence training and support survivors)


(dolls of color that express the full range of our emotions)


(African waist-beads to adorn your Goddess self)

Lxs Chilerxs

(antonitos-pop up shop from the Latinx community of Bushwick)

Habibat Adedagbo

(paintings celebrating the beauty of Black women)

Diane Davis

(paintings and handmade sculptures of women in movement)

Radical Latina

(spoken word and poetry from the Afro-Latina perspective)

Keilicia James

(spoken word and poetry from the African Disapora)

Francheska Alcantara

(monologues and poetry from the Dominican disapora)

Charnae Betton

(Jazz, R&B, Gospel Artist and Visual Artist)

Abigail Ferreira

(poetry for our people of color)

Priscilla Delgado

(musical stylings on the resilience of survivors)

Bulla en el Barrio

(Colombian cantadoras)

+many more! 

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow! For live updates, follow #SCCTurns3 on Twitter and interact with the Facebook event.

Much love,

the SCC


Update – #SCCTurns3 Bazaar and Open Mic!

Peace Community –

We hope this message finds you well. We’re only two weeks away from our #SCCTurns3 Bazaar and Open Mic! We are truly grateful for the many blessings of building, sharing, and healing with each other since 2012.

Here is our long-awaited update on the big day. Be sure to share the flyer and event page with friends and family!



#SCCTurns3 will be taking place on Saturday, December 12th at Mainchance (120 East 32nd Street). There is a suggested love donation of $5 at the door and food will be available by the plate for for a sliding scale of $5-7. We strongly encourage guests to bring cash.

We there will be goodies for sale during our community bazaar from 5-7pm, followed by an open mic from 7-9pm and a dance party to close out the night. The celebration is an intergenerational space that is open to all genders,spirits!

Accessibility – The event will take place on the second and third floor. While the building does not have an elevator, we will have someone from our team assisting people navigating the staircase.

Directions – The closest trains are 6 to 33rd Street, B/D/F/M to 34th Street, or the N/R to 28th Street.


Calling all the healers, artists, musicians, poets and more – there is an opportunity for you to co-create the magic of the #SCCTurns3 celebration!

Share your magic during the event as a vendor, performer or both! Vendors can sell crafts and services with the community  during the Bazaar (5-7pm). We ask that vendors donate five percent of their earnings to the wonderful space, Mainchance.

Performers are welcome to showcase their magic at the Open Mic to represent the creativity of our community and serve as a safe space to share stories of struggles, resistance, magic, and the beauty of people of color.

Let us know how you would like to add to the space by filling out this form. Please keep in mind that space is limited, so be sure to fill out the form as soon as possible.


We are so blessed to celebrate this milestone with you and look forward to seeing you on the 12th!


With gratitude,

the Sister Circle Collective