Points of Unity

Points of Unity of the Sister Circle Collective

The Power of Sisterhood

  • The SCC organizes on a foundation of decolonized sisterhood that reclaims a communal bond that was broken by conquest, displacement, and competition.
    1. Decolonized sisterhood recognizes multiple means of knowledge-creation, especially within our ancestral, communal, and personal experiences that must be pushed to the forefront of our struggles.
    2. Sisterhood in itself is a process of creating and  redefining the boundaries of how we are allowed to love, support, and communicate with other women in a sacred space.

The Power of Circles

  • Circles have been and are still a transformative space of resistance and liberation.
  • Circles dismantle the boundaries of hetero-patriarchal, capitalist, white supremacist  authority and break away from the culture of silence.
  • Reflecting on Audre Lorde’s words “the personal is political,” we believe in the importance of connecting our stories to the power structures that define our lived experiences.
  • When we enter a circle it allows us to acknowledge others experiences, privileges, and oppressions.
  • Our aim is to lay a foundation to continue the conversation outside of the circle discussion.
  • Circles are fluid and their intentions change depending on the season and the needs of those present.
  • The circle discussions serve not as a means of counseling or advising, but as an opportunity for sisters to break their silence and share their experiences.
  • Circles are a safe space for those who believe in transformations* as a means to revolution.

The Power of the Collective

  • The SCC believes in accompanying sisters on their respective journeys of self-empowerment as the groundwork towards liberation.
  • The SCC believes in a tapestry of feminisms that work collaboratively with one another as the foundation of transnational feminisms.
  • Transnational feminisms call for interdisciplinary ideas of sharing stories and knowledge through personal narratives. As an anti-imperialist, anti-indifference collective we envision creating a safe space where the personal narrative is cherished.
  • The SCC actively challenges the idea that healing has a beginning and an end. Healing is a process that happens in a community.

Further Points of Unity

  • The SCC organizes around issues that affect girls, women, queer, and trans people. We acknowledge that our work is tied to all forms of anti-oppression struggles.
  • Our work does not ignore existing privileges of gender, class, race, sexuality, ability, status and the power structures that create those positions in society.
  • The SCC reserves the right to create people of color (POC) only spaces where we are free to discuss issues that directly affect our lives.
  • As human-beings, political agents, and spiritual warriors, we are constantly in spaces of transformative struggle. Therefore, ourselves and these Points of Unity are subject to growth.

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