Storytelling Workshop – #CircleUp Series

Storytelling Workshop

a part of the #CircleUp – Building Community Through Healing Series


Our lives are made up of stories. We tell them every single day – from how our day went to what our weekend was like. In this session, we will explore the origin of our personal stories and how to change our perspectives on what we make these stories mean about ourselves Space for this session is limited to 20! Please be sure RSVP.


Ynanna Djehuty is an Afro-Dominicana, born and raised in the Bronx. She is a birthworker, reproductive health activist and writer. The focus of her work is the empowerment of women and people of the African Diaspora. She utilizes her experience as a midwife and reproductive health advocate to raise awareness on maternal and reproductive health for women, highlighting the disparities in the healthcare system in the United States for women of color.


All of the workshops are free with an RSVP. The sessions are open to all genders. Free meals will be provided during the all of the sessions and metrocards are available for those in need. Childcare will be offered as well! Please email us if you need childcare and include the age of your child. Email us at for details and if you have questions.


We are living through an age where self-care and healing is not only elusive but being commodified at the same time. In 2015, our collective conjured free healing sessions, “The First Line of Defense is Our Bodies,” across Upper Manhattan and the South Bronx. This year, we’re back and ready to heal in community with you.

We believe in a holistic health and healing perspective; health and healing is not just about a physical body, but being truly embodied in all aspects of our beings. This is particularly cruical as we navigate ever-changing landscapes and communities across New York City. 

Each workshop will explore a different method of healing; radical self-care, coming home to our bodies through movement, creating our own medicine, and through telling our own stories. Our hope is that you will not only harness the knowledge that is shared, but to go out and share these accessible practices with your communities.

Full Workshop Schedule:
1) Rediscovering Your Banjee Realness – Saturday, July 9
2) Movement Workshop – Sunday, July 24
3) Remedios and Medicine Making – Saturday, August 6
4) Storytelling Workshop – Saturday. August 13

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