Say it Loud!

SAY IT LOUD! Empowering the South Bronx is a collaborative effort with various Bronx organizations to foster civic engagement. Based on feedback from young community members we’ve co­created an immersive hunt to connect ideas and spark dialogue. Activities will take place in communal spaces, covering topics that range from: wellness, state/community violence to cross­cultural unity through creative exchanges.

#BXSayItLoud #LPFieldDay 2016 w/ The Laundromat Project in #Harlem#BedStuy & #HuntsPoint / #Longwood

Please see progam details below!

Happening #1
Say It Loud!
Location: Hunts Point Plaza @ 6 train stop
Time: 2:00p to 4:30p

Let’s change the voice of history, let’s make it ours, like the visionaries of our past. Please join celebrated Bronx artist Andre Trainer and the LP Hunts Point create change fellows for a brief history of tagging and graffiti culture. Sharing our stories with broad strokes, let’s make OUR mark on history.

Happening #2
Grow Food, Grow Community!
Location: Libertad Urban Farm @ 972 Simpson St
Time: 3pm to 4:20pm

Claiming space for providing healthy food options is a revolutionary act! We must claim the responsibility to nourish our communities and ourselves, healthy food is a human right! We are so excited to partner with the Libertad Urban Farm, we will be getting our hands dirty, preparing a healthy meal with participants, teaching the community about food justice and using their local garden’s to prepare healthy foods on a modest budget. Let’s heal and celebrate together.

Happening #3
Caring for self is Self Preservation!
Location: Libertad Urban Farm @ 972 Simpson St
Time: 4:20pm to 4:50pm

Audre Lorde states “caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” We are pleased to be collaborating with the The Sister Circle Collective for a holistic medicine making workshop. Our communities are experts at making something out of very little resources and a lot of love. Let’s work together to learn how to best heal ourselves from within.

Happening #4
The Power of Words
Location: Mothers On the Move @ 928 Intervale Avenue
Time: 4pm to 5:30pm

As we navigate the constant complexities of the world, it is becoming more and more necessary to create safe space. Spaces for having our voices heard, spaces for deep listening. Although we don’t have access to many things, we have our voices, our power and the support of one another, no one can take that from us! We are excited to be working with Mother on the Move to nurture safe space and empower our stories thru spoken word, poetry, sign making and performance.

Record how your community is/can be your safe space and email it to so we can archive our stories and use them to fuel our movement and continue the conversation. Let’s create the space to nurture the change and action we need! #BXSayItLoud

Happening #5
Location: Mothers On the Move @ 928 Intervale Avenue
Time: 4pm to 5:30pm

For working class communities, to celebrate self and community is to directly oppose the lives that have been chosen for us. Join us for food and celebration! We have always had the power and love we need to create the change we need, let’s Say It Loud!

The Laundromat Project’s annual festival of neighborhoods showcasing the rich spectrum of local arts and culture in Harlem, Hunts Point/Longwood, and Bed-Stuy